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Make Your life Easier with Incredible Electronic Cool Gadgets; Digital Photo Fra

Modern technology is accountable for shifting attention from simple device towards contemporary cool gadgets. If you look around, you will be bombard with cutting edge electronics gadgets such as smart phones, tablet computers, LCDs, digital frame, MP3 player, Ultrabook, portable Game Consoles and E-book reader. With the advent in technology, we are consistently getting latest gadgets with their upgraded versions. These magnificent gizmos deliver superior ease for our daily life and keep us in contact with the pioneering technology. Therefore, constant development in cool gadgets has geared innovation with superiority and advancement in digital world. Electronic gadgets have been witnessed ...

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Lenovo is Soon to Unveil Windows 8 ThinkPad 2

With Windows 8 rolling out in the month of October, Lenovo is the first to launch one Windows 8 tablet – the ThinkPad 2. This super-thin tablet PC is specially designed for the business purposes as well as for daily usage. Lenovo ThinkPad 2 is considered to be lined up in the series of the “best tablets” of the year 2012.This tablet cum notebook supported by dual core processor from Intel will be available to you from October of 2012. Just wait for a few months to hand on the best tablet of the year!Features and Specs of Lenovo ThinkPad ...

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Windows 8 Metro can work on iPad

We would remind you, that on the first of March 2012 number of downloaded versions of Windows 8 reached one million within 24 hours. The new application of Splashtop allows designers which wish to try themselves in the new software, not to spend extra money to buy a Windows tablet price of which amounts to 1000$, but use their own iPad.Certainly, designers have been working hard to create an application named Win8 Metro Testbed, that offers the same possibilities as Microsoft Windows 8 OS does itself. This application allows to switch from one application to other, open menu, etc. It ...

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INTEL reveals details about specifications of tablets with windows 8

The Intel company is going to show itself as the biggest supplier of system boards and CPUs for tablet computers on the basis of Windows 8 from Microsoft. At the moment  the chip maker plans to launch series manufacture of Clover Trail platforms with CPU Atom Z2760 that is to feature numerous good characteristics, such as first of all, two cores instead of one, possibility to improve its performance and, finally, supporting Hyper Threading function that is presented in Intel CPUs only.As workers of Intel say, there are to be assembled two types of tablets on its platform – one ...

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Apple gets a patent for a wireless headset with embedded mp3 player

In the patent Apple has recently acquired there has been described the wireless headset connected by means of the Bluetooth protocol. Moreover, it may have the embedded mp3 player. The image attached to the patent application, demonstrates the headset that looks like a device that Apple launched in 2007 but afterward took out of production.The embedded player available means availability of both an embedded memory and audio processor, therefore, the device supports many options, for example, recording telephone conversation and transmitting the file to the mobile phone. According to this document it may be assumed that Apple is going to ...

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Apple iPad Mini – small and not too expensive

There are tablet computers of budget class going to become one of the most important trend in the electronics  market  this year, and Apple as the leader of this the market is not to stand aside. The company has been still denying working on such a project. Thus, all that remains is to admire concepts of this device, the designer Federico Ciccarese represented the new work.As numerous rumors say, iPad Mini features a modest 7,85 inches display, but otherwise the device is the exact copy of the original full-size iPad. The size difference was well showed by the author as ...

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What are mobile computers with Windows 8 to look like?

The Windows 8 OS as Microsoft promises, is to get upgrade support of sensors displays much more perfect as compared with the one in Windows 7.Probably, manufacturers would like to turn it to ones favor and begin to output laptops of the unique design and body competing with annoying rivals. However, no one company has done such claims yet, but to wish about is not forbidden.  So, lets imagine how laptops run by Windows 8 of nearest future may look like.There are not ultrabooks in our mini overview, as they don't contain anything unique. Probably, many manufacturers would like to ...

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Samsung Galaxy S III soon!

Day after day Smartphone with installed Android operating system become more and more popular. Companies producing such devices try different methods to attract as much clients as possible. However, to make a product be successful means to equip it with the latest technologies and make it work with high performance.One of the Korean informative portals posted the information about intention of Samsung to demonstrate their new communicator model - Samsung Galaxy S III - soon at MWC exhibition. It must be said that nobody even guessed this device to be.It is fair to say, that the company have already released ...

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Samsung Galaxy S II enjoys record popularity

Lately there have been released numerous new models of smartphones and mobile phones. However, only some (by no means all) of them have become popular among would-be clients as manufacturers expect. Sometimes they are really surprised at high demand for devices they manufacture, especially for smartphones. Galaxy S II, a very popular smartphone, has already attracted so great attention among fans of such devices, although information about its release has appeared in the net so short a time before. Every country usually has its own “taste” when they choose one or other portable device. However, in South Korea, the native ...

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Electronic book readers

All about electronic book readers

Dell to release 10” tablet PC
Dell continues to invest into tablet PCs and is going to release a number of dev...
eReader PocketBook
Electronic book reader PocketBook is based on a revolutionary technology of e-...
6" Kindle Amazon book reader , Review
As is known, the market of e-Readers using E Ink is developing som...
7’’ Chinese Pad RAmos W9 with a 1 GHz Processor
The first images of the Ramos W9 pad leaked on the Internet in the middle of Aug...

I’m glad to invite people who want to find the best e-Reader or electronic book to this website. There are a lot of e-Reader reviews and other useful information about e-Book reader devices here.

About 15 years ago I dream about electronic books and a reader device for the first time, because I was fed up with carrying heavy books. That would be so convenient for us and would save so many trees!

Of course, I wasn’t the only person this thought came to, and two years later I was holding my first pocket PC in my arms. It supported several e-books formats and had been impressing me for a very long time.

Nowadays electronic book readers are a separate market section. This invention developed in a great variety of light and elegant smart reading devices called e-Readers.

You will find all the e-Reader devices and book readers software that is available for them, comparison of different e-Reader reviews and also different formats of electronic book readers on this website.

Naturally, you want to choose the best of these wonderful devices, so look through this website for finding useful information about the PDF electronic books, the e-Ink, Kindle books, the ePUB readers and many other features and interesting things  that will help you not to be lost in the variety of these inventions.


Amazon eReaders

Kindle - Amazon's eReaders

Shortly after its release, Amazon Kindle took its stand as the most successful and popular electronic book readers on the market.

Reviews of Kindle have largely been quite flattering: the Amazon customer was really happy about an extensive range of features, a large and comfortable e-Ink display, an impressive battery life, a Wi-Fi connection and, very importantly, the opportunity to use the Kindle store to download books any time you wanted.

Amazon’s competitors, such as iPad, Barnes & Nobles and Nook got in a pretty tough spot while trying to beat the Kindle leader. A lot of discussions flared up – Amazon eReaders vs Sony Reader and the like.Looks like the competition is going to get even harder with the release of the new version of Kindle, the third generation of Amazon’s product. The price is striking – you can get the new Kindle either for $189 or just for $139. The new electronic book readers is smaller, lighter, with a more stylish and comfortable design, and the navigation is simpler compared to previous Amazon Kindle devices, thanks to the rounding of the keys on the new Kindle. Amazon has also fixed their main problem: page-turning used to freeze but the new device simply breezes through the pages.

The new version of Kindle also features more memory – 4Gb instead of 2Gb, which means that now you can store up to 3500 on this device. Another really delightful addition is an improved battery life. Amazon maintains that the new Kindle doesn’t make use of any revolutionary technology, so here we are probably dealing with improved software.

All in all, with its impressive battery life, sunlight-readable display and extensive memory, the new Kindle really is one of the best Amazon eReaders on the market, and probably one of the best eReaders in general.

Read more about Kindle Helpful Hints and

Sony eBook Readers

Sony eBook Readers

The largest number of devices, different both in their design and their price, is presented by Sony.

Sony Electronic Book Readers is a line of reading devices which have recently become one of the most successful products on the market. Sony uses the well-known and successful e-Ink paper technology, comfortable for the eyes and sunlight-readable from any angle.

Sony electronic book readers support a large number of file types, from PDF and RSS to JPEG and MP3.They are also compatible with DRM-protected ePub and PDF files, which allows Sony users to borrow electronic books from lending libraries. You can also connect to the Sony electronic book Store and buy electronic books from there.

Sony PDF reader digital book PRS line is a strong competitor to Amazon Kindle. While the latter is still considered the leader on the electronic book market, Sony has several advantages which could make Amazon worry. Sony electronic book Readers feature the touch-screen technology which feels much more natural than buttons in the context of books. Sony also provides some nice features, like Sony’s own social network where readers can post their comments or favorite passages from the books they are reading.

Sony electronic book Readers stick to the “Open Format” technology, which means that you won’t be confined to their company only, like it happens with Amazon’s Kindle.And another advantage which is hard to argue is that Sony eBook devices are almost $100 cheaper than the Kindle. Might be a tempting alternative to consider!

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

See a new well-to-do and wonderful know-how with the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile tablet. This equipped with the Android 2.2 OS  entertainment gadget for AT&T is ideal for home use or on the go.

  •  Display: 7’’ touchscreen. Features 3D-like graphics
  •  Processor : 1 GHz
  •  Weight:  1 pound

All this power is secreted in a compact and silky case of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

It is so easy to use that you won’t even have to look into the to start enjoying this tablet ...

Read review Samsung galaxy tab android

HP TouchPad

new HP TouchPad

Let us present you a new HP TouchPad. This tablet is a new 9.7-inch pad from Hewlett-Packard. Probably, it’s one of the best tablets released recently. At last a long-awaited tablet from company HP was released. Its title is trivial enough - TouchPad, however, it is necessary to consider "stuffing" at first. So, what we have inside?The 9.7-inch device is based on platform WebOS and works on dual core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 with frequency of 1.2 GHz. Not bad! The tablet allocates support of adobe Flash Player 10.1, also TouchPad provides following services for user: Touch-to-Share for applications exchange between TouchPad and compatible smart phones.

It is really new technology, which can surprise you pleasantly. HP Synergy - connection possibility of the TouchPad with social networks; Communicate, please! There is a Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite Application in TouchPad, which allows to view and to edit documents, such as Microsoft Word and Excel; VPN-support for connection to a corporate network.

You can work anywhere! Multi-tasking is also accessible in this TouchPad. TouchPad is compatible with HP devices for the print, and technology of wireless charging HP Touchstone Charging will allow to charge a device easily and conveniently.

eReader PocketBook

Electronic book reader PocketBook

Electronic book reader PocketBook is based on a revolutionary technology of e-Ink, which simulates the look of ink on paper and makes an electronic reader look as much as a traditional paper book as possible. The devices feature a 16-shade-of-grey screen that can display illustrations and text in a natural way with a wide viewing angle. However, unlike flickering flat panel displays, eReader PocketBook screens don’t strain your eyes.The devices also have a very impressive battery life, with 14,000 page-turns on one battery charge. Nowadays the most popular eReaders on the market are the Amazon Kindle pocketbook and the Sony Reader pocketbook. However other companies are beginning to create a strong competition to these leaders, making this market sphere develop even faster. PocketBook new eReaders support memory extension of up to 32GB, which means that you can store up to 30,000 books.

This number will hardly fit into your wallet, bag or purse! PocketBook eReaders support extensive features, such as Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, Dictionary, Book Search, bookmarks, notes and even background music. Check out any electronic book Reader PocketBook review and you’ll see why more and more people these days switch from traditional paper books to these wonderful electronic devices.

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Aluratek ebook Readers

Aluratek electronic book Readers

Don’t try to compare them to the Amazon Kindle devices - Aluratek electronic  book readers are of a different standard, but at their price of about $150 (almost half the price of Amazon’s leader) Aluratek electronic book readers look quite attractive.The company’s most successful release is Libre Aluratek, a strong competition to other devices. Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro features quite a small size, a long-lasting battery (up to 24 hours of continuous use) and a wide list of supported files: TXT, RTF, PDF, FB2, ePub, PRC and MOBI. In the box you’ll find a nice collection of extras of all kinds: a wrist strap, earbuds, USB and power cables and even a 2GB SD card with a hundred open-licence classical books of novels, plays and poetry.

On top of that, Libre Aluratek can work nicely as an MP3-player for background music while you are reading. Look through Aluratek eBook reader reviews, and you’ll probably see that they all call Aluratek eBook reader Pro the best electronic book.

Of course, Libre Aluratek has certain disadvantages, too, the main of them being the display. Aluratek has decided not to use the popular e-Ink technology that we can see with Amazon Kindle and other popular e-Book makers, such as Barnes & Noble or Sony. Instead, Aluratek eBook reader Pro makes use of something called ePAPER – which pretty much is just a monochromatic LCD.

The text presentation is not as sharp and this display doesn’t work as well in badly-lit surroundings. However some users may find that this technology looks more similar to real paper, so it’s all a matter of taste.

All in all, for its price Libre Aluratek eBook reader Pro shows quite a nice performance and it may be a good choice for those who want to try what this digital reading is all about.

Astak EZ Reader PRO

Astak EZ Reader Pocket PRO

The electronic book readers market is growing bigger and bigger, and while both Barnes & Noble and Amazon devices are still in very high demand, other products are successfully catching up with them. One such product is Astak EZ Reader Pro, a compact and highly functional Linux-based device ready to compete with the market leaders. Astak EZ E book Reader is large enough to provide easy reading but at the same time compact enough to fit conveniently into your purse or pocket. Astak EZ Reader features 512 MB of internal memory which you can extend with an SD-card up to 16 GB. However a 2GB or 4GB card is normally quite enough – unless you’re a very serious book collector!

While there’s no official electronic book store for Astak EZ Reader Pro, the device makes up for it by a very extensive list of supported files, among which are ADE, TXT, PDF, HTML, MP3 and JPEG. Now you can even listen to nice background music while reading your newest book. Of course, you’ll hardly scan through your holiday pictures on an 8-tone grayscale screen, but the JPEG support is still a nice addition to the EZ Reader.

Astak EZ Reader is really a nice alternative to an Amazon or Sony Reader, especially considering their “open-format” approach Kindle is obviously lacking in. If you don’t mind spending a little time searching for your books (instead of just getting them from the Kindle store), then buy Astak EZ Reader, save yourself some money and you’re sure to enjoy this neat little device.

Choose device for e-book reading

Augen 7" eReader

Augen 7,ereader

Positive feedback for Augen 7" eReader

"The WiFi range is rather limited, and I didn’t find it very convenient the way pages are scaled to fit into the display. I couldn’t find any format that would display the pages the way I converted them through MS Word, Augen 7’’ eReader really is the only device that changes the file format before displaying them. This wasn’t even the case with the “wretched“ Jetbook! I can sometimes see an indent, and sometimes I can’t. If there is a blank, for example between two paragraphs, it gets deleted. I also found it terribly disappointing not to be able to see different colors and font sizes because even my old REB 1200 which I’ve had for 10 years displays texts exactly the way I see them on the computer. If the file is in the .doc format, all colors are gone, formatting is changed and lines are omitted. Neither .doc nor epub displays bold or italics. The PDF format is useless (although I didn’t buy Augen The Book for that purpose). Color photos, however, are displayed in a very nice way, and the accelerometer works well too. It’s a bit touchy but not to the extent that it becomes a problem.
On the other hand, Augen The Book works well with all the advertised file types – being able to play .avi files is something really extraordinary!
The case can be fixed with a little Velcro and despite its drawbacks, the device really is very nice.

Although this is ahead of time, I’m already strongly considering the Augen The Book instead of the EBW 1150. I think this eReader offers great value for its price, I definitely don’t regret buying the device and would readily recommend it to a friend. "

B&N Nook Reader

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble, Inc. has also released their brand-name products under the name of Nook.

Barnes & Noble numbers more than 1 000 000 books and magazines available at best selling prices!

Obviously, it is possible to access the books from different devices, but it’s still advisable to use their brand-name product(Bbarnes Noble Reader).

Apple Reader iPad

Apple iPad

It is difficult to compete with Apple Reader. One cannot but agree that popularity of Apple’s latest new products – iPad and iPhone 4 – strikes. The products are sold incredibly quickly, and consumers have to wait for the next gadget lot. The company has sold 3.27 million units of clipboard computers by now. And 1.7 million devices found their owners after three days release. However, if you just like reading everytime and everywhere and know more about readers, then better draw your attention to the devices described below, which are not so cheap and more specialized.

Apple iPad Mini – small and not too expensive

iRex Digital Reader 1000 S

iRex Digital Reader 1000 S

IREX hasn’t kept out of this business either and released wonderful “babies”. I was especially impressed by iRex Digital Reader 1000 S, although it’s evidently overpriced.

In my opinion, IREX got even ahead of Sony, as their devices are far more advanced both in their design and functions, despite the fact that their range isn’t as big.