Can I Trust Cashper’s Minicredit?

There are few mini-credit companies that have a bank card to operate in Europe; this is the case of Cashper, validated by the Maltese authorities. On the other hand, it is not very common to grant financing to people who are in any file of defaulters, and this entity does.

In this article we list the characteristics of your mini-credit and tell you if it is a reliable option for you considering its pros and cons. In this way, you will have the necessary information to decide and make the decision that best suits your interests.

Characteristics of the Cashper minicredit

This mini-credit is conceived as an emergency solution for a punctual problem of payment in people who are solvent. As they are not going to lend more than 600 euros in the best of cases, it is clear that you can not use it if you have a need of greater dimensions. In addition, you must keep in mind that you will not be granted the maximum amount the first time, since it is the confidence you generate that will open new options.

The ways of operating to process the loan are two, so it is an option available to an audience that by definition is diverse. You can use the Internet   and perform the entire online process to request the information and send the documentation. Another option that you can use if you consider it appropriate is the telephone, since they have agents who speak Spanish and who will guide you.

Another advantage of this financial product is that you can receive the money even when you are on a list of defaulters as ASNEF. So it is an opportunity as long as you can face the payments in a timely manner. If we take into account that the percentage of companies that give a loan in these conditions is minimal, this is already an important reason for you to make a practical decision.

On the other hand, you should know that the company has an instant verification system, so that in a few minutes you will know whether or not they grant you the mini credit. If yes, you will have the money in mind in 24 hours if you work with Santander, Caixabank, Bankia or Sabadell.


The requirements for this mini credit are basic, but you have to comply with all of them to have the possibility of accepting the application. You must be between 21 and 80 years old, mobile phone, bank account and income justification   often enough to face the operation. The logical thing is that if you send your payroll the probabilities that they approve the operation increase although this will ultimately depend on the risk analysis that the entity does.

Maximum amounts and return periods

The Cashper mini-credit is progressive, as long as you can access more amount as you prove that you fulfill your obligations in previous operations. The problem is that at the beginning the maximum amount that they will grant you is very small. They apply the principle of trust with clients who comply to ensure collection. At the beginning, you can only access 100 euros, which will be converted into 250   the second time, 350 the third and a maximum of   600 euros the fourth time.

The repayment terms are stable, since a maximum of 30 days (and a minimum of 15) is always set to cover the payment. In the event that you can not return the money at the time, you can request up to two extensions of 30 days if you have requested more than 200 euros. Of course, make sure that you can pay so you do not have problems.

Customer Reviews

The  The mini-credit opinions of this company are varied, depending on the aspect in which we want to focus. As with most products, we can find positive and negative ratings.

The first positive aspect that most users highlight is the   quickly when receiving the money and perform the operation. In this sense, we can say that the company is one step ahead of its competitors because it uses its own verification technologies. Do not forget that this type of financing is urgent, so that taking a short time to approve an operation is essential.

Another point in favor of the people who comment is that the granting of the loan. It is simple, much more than in other platforms because it reaches collectives that do not do it on a regular basis. Not in vain, let’s not forget that it is granted to people on lists of defaulters and that, in the case of those with payroll, the acceptance rate is around 99%. Consequently, if you are looking for a place to find funding after you have been rejected, this is an interesting opportunity.

The main criticism made by users is related to the  recovery policy in case there is a delay in payment. The expeditious methods that some of the agents use are a recurrent complaint because in some cases they exceed the limit of good education, according to what some users comment.

On the other hand, another element commented by some users is that  Interests are somewhat high, although we must remember that this mini-credit is also granted to people with ASNEF. This aspect is essential when considering if we really need this product.