Flexible credit

One of the elements we expect from a loan is flexibility, both in the disposition of the capital and in the repayment terms. In this article we will explain what flexible credit  consists of, its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and how from Bonsai Finance we help you choose a financial product that fits you. It offers […]

Direct Credit Cofidis | product review

Cofidis Direct Credit is a credit of up to €4000 that you can return in large installments, depending on the amounts you want to pay. With this credit you can mark the conditions you want without any difficulty. Cofidis Direct Credit offers up to €4000 in 24 hours for whatever you want. In addition, this […]

Can I Trust Cashper’s Minicredit?

There are few mini-credit companies that have a bank card to operate in Europe; this is the case of Cashper, validated by the Maltese authorities. On the other hand, it is not very common to grant financing to people who are in any file of defaulters, and this entity does. In this article we list […]

We discover the best paid accounts in the market

The financial market is gradually recovering and the accounts paid during this year 2018 begin to offer us better salaries for those of us who are able to meet the requirements they intend to impose on us. Generally speaking, when we talk about this type of accounts, the most relevant data that we tend to […]

Personal loans Solcrédito | product review

The Solcrédito personal loan offers you up to € 1000 on your first loan completely free of charge and with a response in 15 minutes. Get up to € 1000 on your first loan and return it in up to 30 days. Your first loan will have no interest or commissions! You are interested if […]

Debt reunification loan Cetelem

The Cetelem debt reunification loan is a product that will be ideal if you have several credits for which you pay too many monthly payments. With it, you will see that they are reduced to only one and that this is also lower than the set of letters you paid. In this way, you can […]

Rapid Creditstar Credit

With the Creditstar quick credits you can get up to € 300 on your first loan and up to € 1000 on the following applications, with a term of between 5 days and 3 months. Creditstar offers up to € 1000 if you are already a customer, easily and quickly, without leaving home. You are […]

Bigbank Personal Loan

The personal loan Bigbank is a very interesting option if you need an amount of money between 1000 and 4000 €. In addition, you can return it in up to 60 very comfortable installments. Bigbank offers you up to € 4000 without leaving home, to return in up to 60 months and without changing bank. […]

Personal Loan Term

The personal term loan is a type of quick credit that can provide you with an amount of money between 600 and 3000 euros. A process that you can perform from anywhere in the world from which you have access to the Internet. Term offers the possibility of financing you quickly and easily. Get up […]

Preston P2P Younited Credit

The P2P Younited Credit loan is the best option if you are looking for a quick and transparent credit. Thanks to Younited Credit you will be able to obtain a loan of between 1,000 and 40,000 euros, with little paperwork and in a fast and simple way. If you need liquidity and you can show […]

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