Debt reunification loan Cetelem

The Cetelem debt reunification loan is a product that will be ideal if you have several credits for which you pay too many monthly payments. With it, you will see that they are reduced to only one and that this is also lower than the set of letters you paid. In this way, you can live with greater economic relief ..

With the Cetelem Loan for the reunification of debts you can group all the loans that have been for consumption, (it also includes credit cards), so that you only have one single installment during the month .

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For unexpected expenses or for any other reason, you have had to ask for consumer loans or credit cards. Without realizing it, they have been adding up and now you are forced to pay several fees that take a good part of your income.


Key points

Short description This product is a personal loan that allows you to refinance all your loans into one and, consequently, reduce all your monthly payments to one. The maximum amount is 60,000 euros and the return period ranges from 12 to 120 months. In addition, it has the added advantage that you will not even have to change banks to obtain it.
Limits and deadlines Therefore, this product allows you to request from 6000 to 60 000 euros. The return period is free to choose as long as it is between 12 months and 10 years. That is, you can return it in monthly installments during the time you prefer between these two figures.
Acceptance times This financial product has an almost immediate acceptance term. You can request it both by phone and through the web. In this last modality, it is enough that you enter the data that it asks for and you will receive a response at the moment. Next, you will have to send the documentation requested and you will receive the final contract back. Your debt reunification will already be under way.
TAE The Cetelem loan has an annual equivalent rate (APR) that varies according to different parameters. But it is available from 11.46% APR (10.90% TIN).
How to hire it You can contract it both by phone and through the Internet, either from a computer or from a smartphone.
Main requirements As for the requirements that you must meet to obtain the Cetelem loan, they are very simple. You must be over 18 years of age, reside in Spanish territory and present economic conditions that guarantee the return of the loan. Regarding the latter, there are basically two. The first consists in having a stable job with an indefinite contract. And the second, have a payroll that allows you to cover both your vital needs and pay the monthly fee. When you send the documentation, we will check if you meet these conditions.


Information about the product

Main characteristics: advantages and disadvantages

The Cetelem debt reunification loan is a personal loan in which you can include all the loans you have contracted. In this way, all the monthly payments you are paying will be reduced to one. And, in addition, this will be lower than the set of those who came paying.

To see it with an example, imagine that you pay five monthly installments for cards and credits that you have hired. The total of these loans is 40,000 euros and the fees you pay for them are 300, 250, 200, 150 and 100 euros. That is, together they add 1000 euros. With the Cetelem credit for 120 months, you only have to pay 548.74 euros.

The advantage is obvious. By contracting this product, you will eliminate all those fees that are drowning you and you will have much more money per month for your expenses. In addition, to obtain it you will not need to change banks and you will have controlled your economy. Also, you can request it from the comfort of your home via computer or phone.

It is really an attractive product that has no study or opening fees and does not require contracting related products. Likewise and once your request is accepted, you will receive the money in 48 hours.

However, it has a disadvantage. The reason why the monthly fee is reduced is that the payment term of the credit is increased. That is, if you contracted your loans for a period of five years, with the Cetelem product you will be paying for ten. In any case, it does not suppose any problem either, because what interests you is to pay less to the month and to be able to live more relaxed.

Operation of the product

You can contract this Cetelem credit both by phone and through the Internet. To obtain it, it is enough for you to be of legal age, reside in Spain and have a stable employment and economic situation, with sufficient income to pay the fees. In this sense, you must have an indefinite contract with at least two years old and a payroll or pension of at least 1200 euros.


In short, the Cetelem debt reunification loan is a very advantageous product for you to solve your economic situation. Virtually no expenses, your requirements are quite affordable, as well as the APR and, thanks to him, you can live more relaxed by having more money monthly.

Corporate Council

If you have several personal credits that prevent you from reaching the end of the month, this Cetelem product will solve your financial situation, by including all your loans in one and allowing you to pay for it through a single installment. However, if you can, our recommendation is that, when hiring, do not ask for the maximum period of time. So you will pay less interest.