Have you heard about Credy? We Tell You More About Them

Credy is an online loan search engine that will allow you to find mini credits in a simple and effective way. One of the most recurrent problems when requesting small amounts of money is that the user has to fill out long and tedious requests that, often, do not take him anywhere. This platform works like a lender search engine, offering the client the one that offers the best conditions.

How does it work?

Surely, more than once you have seen yourself in the position of having to pay unexpected expenses having to resort to family and friends to deal with them. To avoid this situation, companies specialized in certain types of financial products called quick loans were born. These entities operate differently from banks, use private capital, lend small amounts (less than 1,000 euros) and return terms are short (minimum two months).

The problem that arises with these operations is that, on the one hand, you are in a hurry to get the money and, on the other hand, you have to look one by one to the lenders, fill out long questionnaires and wait for their approval, which often, reject

To address this problem has emerged the credy platform , which is responsible for doing the work for you. Filling out a simple file searches all your lenders in your database and automatically exposes your needs.

Another advantage that you will find in this platform is that you can request a larger amount than if you did it on your own: from 50 to 750 euros, to return in 30 days, maximum. The tool is very fast when it comes to processing and managing your application, so if you enter all the data in the morning, at night you can have the money in your bank account.

When it comes to managing interest rates and any problems with payments, from your website they make it very clear that it depends on the particular conditions of the lenders. That is to say, that your work ends when you accept one of the offers that they send you. Of course, they are responsible for deleting your personal data once your service ends, as they are aware that you give a very sensitive information that you do not want to remain online .

One of the most common problems when denying loan applications is that you are in the defaulter file. At the time of requesting money through credy this is not an obstacle and, being a free service, you do not lose anything for trying. Yes, it must be borne in mind that when the lender evaluates your application it can reject you if you have unpaid debts; however, there is no rule established around this, but each particular case is studied.

One of the tips offered by the platform if you can not return the loan in the period is that you talk to the lender as soon as possible to avoid greater evils. This can make a new calculation and offer new forms of payment, yes, you will have to face additional fees. You should know that if you do not talk to them as soon as possible and stop paying, the entity can transfer your debt to a collection agency or register in the National Debt Registry. The latter may mean that you have problems in the future when it comes to requesting new loans, mortgages or even opening a bank account.

In short, credy is an interesting solution to find the lender that gives you a quick credit without having to worry about filling out long forms or waiting for a reply.