Apple iPad Mini – small and not too expensive

Apple iPad MiniThere are tablet computers of budget class going to become one of the most important trend in the electronics  market  this year, and Apple as the leader of this the market is not to stand aside. The company has been still denying working on such a project. Thus, all that remains is to admire concepts of this device, the designer Federico Ciccarese represented the new work.

As numerous rumors say, iPad Mini features a modest 7,85 inches display, but otherwise the device is the exact copy of the original full-size iPad. The size difference was well showed by the author as he compared it with  iPad and iPhone. It may be said, that iPad Mini is a third of iPad and three times bigger than iPhone 4S, so it has quite comfortable sizes for a tablet computer.

The author doesn’t define technical characteristics of iPad Mini, however, we may conjecture them by analogy. The display size is 7,85 inches, but there is not to be attained pixels density that of Retina Display at such the price. Therefore, the resolution of the display is 1024x768. The panel consumes less energy, so the slim storage battery may be working up to 10 hours. It sounds not bad especially since the recommended price of the tablet is about 300 $. Thus, such an offer from Apple may compromise existence of the traditional 10 inches segment.

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