Personal Loan Term

The personal term loan is a type of quick credit that can provide you with an amount of money between 600 and 3000 euros. A process that you can perform from anywhere in the world from which you have access to the Internet.

Term offers the possibility of financing you quickly and easily. Get up to € 3000 without leaving home!

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You need an amount of money for any purpose in a fast way, and to return in convenient terms. It offers some flexibility in the non-payment of up to four installments, with increases of 30 euros of interest for each delay.


Key points

Short description The Term loan consists of a fast concession credit of up to 3000 euros to be repaid within a maximum period of 12 months. The process is carried out online and without paperwork, and the maximum amount of the credit is accessible for any kind of client.
Limits and deadlines The personal loan Term allows you to request a minimum of 600 and a maximum of 900 euros for new clients. For clients, the maximum is € 3000. You will see that the terms for the return can vary between 3 and 12 months. It is possible to extend the periods.
Acceptance times Term offers you one of the fastest application acceptance times. In just 8 minutes from your registration and application, during which you will be asked for the documentation you need for your assessment, you will have the answer regarding your acceptance. The money will become available immediately, if approved.
TAE The APR responds to 79.59%, serving as an example the maximum loan of € 3000 to be repaid in twelve months: the loan cost would be 1052 euros.
How to hire it You can hire it at any time and anywhere, with any of the devices that can connect to the Internet.
Main requirements All you need to apply for the credit term is to have an Internet connection, have a mobile phone number, an email, have reached the age of majority, shown with ID, NIE or a passport, and have a bank account to your name.

 Personal loan Term: how is it?

Main features

This personal loan is indicated for you in case you need an immediate amount of money to deal with cases of shortage of liquidity or to finance a personal project in the field of consumption, such as a reform of the home or the purchase of a new vehicle. Term does not require the presentation of payroll, so it is a type of loan with less demanding requirements than others.

The amount of 3000 euros is something that distinguishes this quick loan from those offered by other entities, although it is also true that its initial amount of 600 euros makes it an option perhaps somewhat excessive for cases in which you need immediate liquidity for more modest

How does it work?

Complete the application process for this easy loan. Through any device with Internet access you can access the loan application, which must be completed with your identification data, mobile number, email and ID or NIE. You must also provide the details of your address and marital status, as well as the information of your bank account.

After a few minutes of studying your application, you will receive the answer regarding the granting of your loan, and in the case of affirmative, the deposit of the money in the account of whatever your bank is.


This Term product may suit you in case you need a medium or high amount of liquidity, an amount of money you need in an unforeseen way or with which you want to face the immediate payment of a vacation or the purchase of any other product , and for which a quick microcredit was not enough. In addition, the speed with which they will respond to the request and make the money available is very attractive.

You must bear in mind that, although it is possible to extend the terms of the return and delays are allowed in up to four monthly installments, each month arrears will entail a commission of 30 additional euros.

As a loan, this product is ideal for you if you have enough income that allows you, despite certain contingencies, to regularly meet the quotas. The interests, without being the highest among products of this type, are high, so we recommend you to request it only if you are sure of being able to meet the monthly repayment terms.

As a financial product, it is ideal if you do not have any financial problems and need a certain amount of money instantaneously for reforms or new acquisitions that can not wait

The company: Term

Term is a website that has been specifically designed for the granting of credits online . It is a brand encompassed in the IDFinance group, a major operator in countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

Term is highlighted by highlighting the values ​​of transparency, flexibility, responsibility and security for all customers who access your system. The strengths of its system of concessions are the high limit of up to 3000 euros for the loan and the speed with which the procedures are carried out.

Corporate Council

We estimate this product to be one of the most recommended if you need an average amount of money to face an unexpected payment or the financing of a project or private purchase. You can hire it by accessing your website at any time.

Among its advantages you will find the speed of the application process, which in less than 8 minutes will offer you an answer on the granting of the credit. On the other hand, the money is immediately entered into your account.

Although the interest is a little high, the possibility of extending the maximum terms of up to 12 months and the flexibility in the delays, can help you to repay the loan successfully. Of course, you should keep in mind that you can only delay in four installments, with an interest of 30 euros for each non-payment.