Personal loans Solcrédito | product review

The Solcrédito personal loan offers you up to € 1000 on your first loan completely free of charge and with a response in 15 minutes.

Get up to € 1000 on your first loan and return it in up to 30 days. Your first loan will have no interest or commissions!

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You are looking for a quick loan with a maximum amount rarely seen in this market, and that is also completely free if it is your first loan in the company. In subsequent loans, the maximum amount may increase.


Key points

Short description The Solcrédito loan offers up to € 1000 to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days, without interest or commissions. It is not necessary to have a guarantee that guarantees your loan and you can have it in your account in a few minutes.
Limits and deadlines In the Solcrédito loan, you can request from € 100 up to € 1000 as the maximum amount for the first loan. The loan can be repaid within a period of between 5 and 30 days.
Acceptance times Solcrédito conducts a search and puts you in touch with the lender that best suits your needs. You can have an answer in less than 15 minutes. If your request is accepted, the lender will make a transfer in your favor. The money will be in your account immediately or within a maximum period of 24 hours, depending on your bank.
TAE The first loan with Solcrédito is totally free. This means that if you request € 1000, once you finish the term you will only have to return the same amount. Therefore, the APR of this loan is 0%.
How to hire it The form of hiring is very simple and is done through the Internet, through the application form found on the Solcrédito website.
Main requirements In order to access this funding you will need to be of legal age, specifically between 18 and 80 years old. In addition, it is necessary that you are resident in Spain and that you have an account in your name in a national bank.

Personal loan Solcrédito: information about the product

Main characteristics of the product

The loan from Solcrédito is a good way to deal with an unexpected event for which you do not have the necessary cash. But, in addition to this loan of up to € 1000, Solcrédito offers you the possibility of getting up to € 40,000 to be repaid in up to 60 months.

The main advantage found by users who have already used Solcrédito is that they can get the money they need quickly and without leaving their home. Also, with the peace of mind of not generating interest on your first loan. The first loan will be totally free.

You do not need a payroll to be able to access the financing offered by Solcrédito, so if you are self-employed or you are receiving an unemployment benefit you can also access the loan. It is even available to people who are in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF or RAI.

However, this loan also has its drawbacks. One of them may be the transfer time. If your bank is different from the entity, the loan may take up to 24 hours to reach your account. But if your entity is the same as the lender’s, you will have the money in your account immediately.

Operation: How does it work?

The first thing is to decide what is the amount you need to request. On your first loan you can request from 100 to 1000 €. Once the amount is decided, it is important to know the term in which you can return it. At this point we recommend that you choose well, because if you do not return the loan in the proper time you can incur expenses for delay.

The maximum term to return this loan is 30 days. But if you decide to apply for a larger loan, up to € 40,000, you will have up to 60 months to make the return.

The second step will be to fill in the information in the Solcrédito simulator and send your request. This step is very simple and it will hardly take you a few minutes. Once the application is sent, you can get a response from the lender in less than 15 minutes.

When the application has been approved, the lender will proceed to send the money to your bank account. This step can occur immediately or take up to 24 hours.

It is worth mentioning that this type of financial products have been designed for people of legal age, with residence in Spain and who need money quickly to solve some unexpected event.

Main conclusions

The Solcrédito loan is a financial product that can be interesting if you need a quick cash injection. The amount offered by the entity is higher than others of the same class, and the fact that the first loan is free is a pretty striking attraction.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that the amount you request will have to be returned in full within a maximum period of 30 days. Therefore, when making the request it is important that you make sure you request the adjusted amount. Of course, you will also need to be sure of being able to return the money when the deadline is met.


Solcrédito offers you up to € 1000 so that you can use them for the purpose you need and for free. Of course, remember that when you make the request for a loan you agree to return it within the stipulated period. In this case, this period is a maximum of 30 days.

The company: Solcrédito

Solcrédito acts as an intermediary between the user who needs to get money urgently and the lender company. This company offers a quick loan from 100 to 1000 € and, in addition, a personal loan with which you can get financing of up to € 40,000. Therefore, it adapts to all economic needs, with the advantage that the first loan is totally free.