Preston P2P Younited Credit

The P2P Younited Credit loan is the best option if you are looking for a quick and transparent credit. Thanks to Younited Credit you will be able to obtain a loan of between 1,000 and 40,000 euros, with little paperwork and in a fast and simple way.

If you need liquidity and you can show that you will repay the loan, P2P Younited Credit can offer you up to € 40,000!

You are interested if

You need liquidity to finance your projects, unify credits, buy a car or go on a trip. This financial product will make funds available to you almost immediately. Do you need liquidity? Can you prove that you will repay the loan? Then, enjoy its advantages!


Key points

Short description The P2P loan from Younited Credit is aimed at individuals, and allows them to apply for a credit between 1000 and 40 000 euros, not finalist. If you are interested in applying, you can return it within a period of between twenty-four months and six years, at an interest rate whose range covers 5.92% to 10.84%.
Limits and deadlines This loan will allow you to obtain between 1,000 and 40,000 euros almost immediately. You can adapt the return periods between two and six years, according to your needs.
Acceptance times The acceptance of this type of credit is practically instantaneous. After completing the hiring process, a study of your application will be made and you will obtain an immediate preliminary response. At the most, within 48 hours you will be informed of the final decision on the acceptance or not of your request.
TAE The interest rate depends on the credit rating granted by Younited Credit. It will oscillate between 5.92% TIN and 10.84% ​​TIN. This implies that one of the advantages of credit is that it is offered from 6.08% APR.
How to hire it You can apply for this credit through the Internet. As simple as that: from your home computer or from your smartphone while traveling by train.
Main requirements The P2P loan from Younited Credit does not need you to establish a guarantee. However, it does require that you present a payroll, since it is not granted to unemployed applicants or to those that appear in the file of the ASNEF or similar. In addition, you must be under 70 years old.

P2P Loan Younited Credit: information about the product

Main features

If you need liquidity to finance a project, a big purchase or a vacation, this product may interest you. If, in addition, you have proven to pay punctually in the past and you have a payroll, we are sure that you will want to know more.

The P2P loan can put at your disposal up to 40,000 euros, from 6.08% APR. You can return the money within two to six years. And, best of all, you will know if you have been granted it in a maximum of 48 hours!

This loan is fast, transparent and fair, as the interest paid will go directly to the investors. So you know, any need for liquidity between 1000 and 40 000 euros is covered by this loan.

How does it work?

The application process is intentionally simple.

First, you will have to register on the platform and send the form. You will instantly receive a response from Younited Credit, as soon as you study your request.

Then you must formalize your request, for which you will receive the support of the platform’s advisors. You can consult with them any questions that arise during this process of processing.

Once the documentation is provided, the platform carries out the economic analysis. In less than 48 hours you will have issued the acceptance, setting the interest rate. From this moment you will receive the money in your account.

Did you imagine it so simple?


This loan is ideal for dealing with sudden liquidity needs. If you are a good payer, you will get in just 48 hours the money you need to invest in your project or your big purchase, or in consolidating your credits.

Therefore, it is a quick loan, since the preliminary response is obtained at the time of sending the online form, and the final one within 24 hours of receiving your documents.

In addition, Younited Credit is committed to transparency, so avoid hidden clauses and revolving credits. The monthly payment is fixed to avoid surprises, and the return period also.

This type of loan is highly recommended for a worker profile, compliant in the payment, with a medium or medium-high level of income. Of course, insofar as it is a financial product, you must study if you are interested in hiring it.

However, if you have always paid on time and suddenly a need (or a desire) has arisen that supposes an investment greater than expected, this loan will help you to face it.

The company: P2P Younited Credit

Younited Credit is a platform of professional investors that coordinates them to finance projects in a simple way. Their products are aimed at families and they seek to facilitate their access to credit in situations in which they need liquidity.

Thanks to this, the platform is able to offer cheaper loans, since it eliminates intermediaries. So the interests paid by customers do not go to banks, but to professional investors who are part of the community.

Corporate Council

We recommend this loan to meet specific liquidity needs. Keep in mind that the amount you can request ranges between 1000 and 40 000 euros, therefore, is a very versatile credit, which will serve to meet many needs.

Some of the most frequent uses of this product are:

  • The consolidation of credits.
  • The purchase of vehicles or electronics.
  • The amortization of mortgages.
  • The celebration of large events, such as weddings or baptisms.
  • The payment of medical and university fees.
  • The realization of reforms.
  • The launch of business projects.

In short, the P2P Younited Credit loan can serve multiple purposes. Therefore, it is only discouraged when the punctual need for liquidity is of very small amount (for example, a small fine) or when it is not really necessary to contract a loan. However, the consumer must be responsible when contracting financial products.