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With the Creditstar quick credits you can get up to € 300 on your first loan and up to € 1000 on the following applications, with a term of between 5 days and 3 months.

Creditstar offers up to € 1000 if you are already a customer, easily and quickly, without leaving home.

You are interested if

You need up to € 300 if you are a new customer and want to have a longer return period. You are looking for financing without having to leave the house and without changing banks and without having a payroll or a guarantee to get the money you are looking for.


Key points

Short description The quick loan from Creditstar gives you the option to get up to € 1000 quickly and easily. For new customers, the maximum amount is € 300. However, for those who have already requested a loan with this company, the amount increases and the return period is 5 days to 3 months.

It is an excellent product to face an unforeseen economic situation that requires a disbursement that we are not able to make at that time. It is a good idea as long as you are sure that you will be able to repay the loan within the agreed term with the lender .

Limits and deadlines The limits on the amount vary depending on whether you are a new client, or not. In the case of new customers, the amount they can request ranges from € 50 to € 300. It is not a very high amount but it can solve an unforeseen situation at any given time.

However, if you have already requested a loan with this company, the maximum amount increases. You can request from € 50 to € 1000 and return it within a period of 5 days to 3 months .

Acceptance times The time it takes for Creditstar to assess whether your application is accepted or denied is a few minutes. Once the application has been accepted, the lender will send the money to your bank account.

The real time that money takes to appear in your account will depend on the lender’s entity and yours. This is the usual time for national transfers. You can receive the money immediately .

TAE Being a quick loan of a small amount and with such a quick return, the APR is not a good indicator. To compare this type of products, the “cost per 100 € to 30 days” is usually used. In this case, the cost of this loan under these conditions is € 30.
How to hire it Hiring the quick loan from Creditstar is very simple. You just have to visit their website. In case you are a new customer you will only have to choose the term and amount, register on the lender’s website, pass a simple identity verification and receive confirmation in case the loan has been accepted.
Main requirements Creditstar asks for some requirements to be able to access its financing. These requirements are: be of legal age, have a regular source of income, have a DNI or NIE and have a mobile phone to contact you.

Creditstar accepts clients with ASNEF as long as the amount for which they are on the list of defaulters is low. This condition is added to others, so Creditstar will evaluate each case with ASNEF separately .


Characteristics of Creditstar Quick Credits

Main features

This quick loan has been designed for those who need financing quickly and from home, without changing banks. Creditstar puts at your disposal up to € 1000 if you are already a customer or € 300 if you are a new client.

You can repay this loan within 5 days and 3 months, so it exceeds the term limit of most loans of the same type.

How does it work?

Applying for this loan is very simple. You only need to visit the lender’s simulator and set your deadline and amount to request. Once you have done this and filled in your information, the lender will contact you to give you an offer.

You can have the money in your bank account entered immediately, with a maximum term of 48 hours due to delays in transfers between different entities.


This lender is an option to assess if what you are looking for is to obtain timely and fast financing. If you have an unforeseen economic situation that you can not cope with, such as breaking an appliance or your car, this may be a good option for you.

Within the costs of quick loans is in the middle. In this type of service, the cost per 100 € to 30 days is usually around € 30, as in the case of Creditstar.

Although this type of loan does not require a payroll to access financing, you need to know that you will be able to repay the loan in the appropriate time. Otherwise, you could incur defaults and, for obvious reasons, we do not recommend that you do so.

The company: Creditstar

Creditstar is a company that has been offering financing products since 2006, both in our country and in other European countries. It is part of the Creditstar Group. To date, it has already offered more than one million loans and received the Elite Award «European Business Awards» due to the growth strategy it has carried out.

Corporate Council

From Bonsai Finance we believe that Creditstar can be a good option to take into account if you have an unforeseen expense for which you do not have the necessary money. With Creditstar Quick Credits you can get the financing you need quickly and easily, even if you are in a file of defaulters like ASNEF. Get up to € 1000 without leaving home, without paperwork and without having to change banks.